Belenen (belenen) wrote,

gift from Peter! / WOW / happy birthday Alariya

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! 12thknight sent me 2 more months of paidaccount time! I am so spoiled!!!! I have the BEST FRIENDS EVER. HAH! *giggles excitedly* It's delightful to be me! Thank you thank you Peter! *tosses a hug*

In other news, Ben and I have started playing World of Warcraft again, on the Feathermoon Kirin Tor server. So... you should all buy the game and start playing with me! Although that would mean that I would be permanently attached to the computer... but anyway, if I slack on LJing you know what to blame. I just love exploring and finding new places... and it's all so lovely. And it makes Ben happy that I'm playing 'with' him (not simultaneously because we're sharing a computer).

You can also blame Hannah's present, 'cause I'm spending a lot of time on that. ;-) (*pssst* remember you can call me on the weekends at ANY TIME OF DAY!)

sunshinepill and boobiequeen, if I don't call you both today you have permission to flog me! Just not too hard. *snicker*

And let me once again say
Happy Birthday alariya!!!

I'm so glad you liked my presents -- and I seriously want to borrow that book when you're finished reading it! It was so wonderful just sitting and talking with you today, hearing your heart and sharing mine. ;-) You are a glimmery glittery spirit, you know that? You make people happy the way confetti and champagne does. ♥ We MUST spend more time together soon.
Tags: ashe, birthday, lj friends

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