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birthday presents! / Kaylene is avoiding me....

WHEEE!!!!!!  I'm 21!!!

Yayness!  My Dragon got me the AWESOMEST presents: a CD player and speakers for my car (finished being installed, presets set, and official induction into the family today), an extremely expensive digital camera (which he gave up our "buy a computer" monies for), and a fantastic square silver clock (which is the most thoughtful of all -- I had told him about how I used to love to sleep with a clock under my pillow because I found the ticking very soothing, so he got me one to listen to).  I was just so excited about that camera, too -- it scarcely left my hand from 3:00 to 9:00.... YAY!

AND elya and Benjamin each bought me $20 gift certificates to Beadolla (an expensive specialty bead shop) and they drove me over to buy stuff, but it's a family-owned business and they were closed for some personal reason.  But what an awesome idea!  And the certificates were cool, too, in these artsy painted envelopes with little wooden bead closures.  I was blessed.  Yaya makes me happy!

And the Elder Snows (sounds like Ents names) bought me a 25$ Starbucks card!!!  YAY!  (and Ben helped me break it in)

AND I am so excited still about the CD Del is sending me!

I'm a little disappointed that Rebecca didn't even call... (I don't think -- we were out for a good bit of the evening, I'll ask John and Ellen if I missed any calls)

And apparently Kaylene came over on Tuesday to get some of her stuff (she's moving back in with her mom)... after I had called her and left a message on her cell telling her I'd be here every day this week except Tuesday.....  I hope she's not avoiding me.........  If so, why?  Does she think I'll be mad at her for moving out?  I'm not.  I'm not going to judge her no matter what she does.  I don't think she'll end up liking it, but she might!  And so what what I think?  It's what she thinks that matters when it comes to where she lives!!!  I do miss her though.  And I'm sad, because our relationship was so promising, and now it seems like I'm the only one interested in it.  I hope she's just been busy.

I CAN"T WAIT FOR ALLISON TO VISIT GA AGAIN!!!!  (and no not playing with Kristen this time!)

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