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presents for ME!!!!!!! Thanks valynn and unknown person!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! (You guys are going to be subjected to a lot of e-squealing this month, I'm afraid.)

Okay, WHO is responsible for sending me that GORGEOUS photo of Angelina and Ryan???????!?!?!?!?!????????? I'm crazy with curiosity! I love it by the way, I already put it in my favorite frame and now I just have to figure out where to display it... I loooooove that photo, partly because of the hotness, true, but mainly because it reminds me so well of Playing By Heart, which is more than a mere movie to me. It holds so much meaning. I want to watch it again -- why can't I find someone who falls in love with it the way I did and is willing to watch it and talk about it with me over and over and over again? Anyway, you're killing me with curiosity, and maybe I should have waited until Christmas to open it but I thought there might be a note inside telling who it was from, and I guessed what it was the moment I saw "" on the package. Oh so delightful!

And valynn!!!!!! You didn't tell me not to open it so I figured it was fair game and opened it right up!!!! Thank you so much you darling sweetheart!!!!! I am so touched that you'd do that!!!! And you got something for Ben -- I thought that was the sweetest gesture ever. You're right, a B&N giftcard is the perfect gift for him. ;-D Although I'll probably be doing a lot of recommending, heh. And I can't wait to use my giftcard! Sadly I can't use it on the web, but I know exactly what I am going to get when I hunt down a store -- that lovely incense holder and some incense cones to burn in it! Thank you so much. ;-)
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