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welcome jed_i_diah / last year's b-day present from God

Everybody welcome jed_i_diah !!!!!!!!  (my awesome friend from Canada who came all the way to GA for my wedding!!!)  LJ worked so well for keeping in touch with jedibubbles that I convinced Jedidiah to join... so we can keep in touch and so you guys can get to know him.  Yay!

I worked today, so today was fairly boring.  Hm. 

I've really been missing God.  Ben and I haven't had a long conversation with him in... two weeks or so... or maybe just one week and it feels like longer.  Last year for my birthday God gave me a heavy silver collar-style necklace (I found it at the thriftstore for like $1.50 and it is solid sterling and just so amazingly me).  This year...  dunno yet.  Maybe he'll skip this year, but I don't think so.  You can be sure I'll post if I get one.


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