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everybody else is doing it, so why can't [I]?

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1) Is kevloid friends with notashamed? nope
2) If storeyphoto took over the world, who would suffer? the media
3) What word best describes frenetik? thoughtful
4) What would you do if you found out dirtyandsmiling has a crush on you? be flattered
5) What would whatsarahsaid think of lorelei_sakti? she would get along with her pretty well
6) What do you disagree with evileve about? not much!
7) Is misemifein2 introverted or extroverted? INtroverted
8) Do frenetik and whatsarahsaid go to the same school? nope
9) If valynn and wallbrat were siamese twins, where would they be joined? at the foot
10) Would you set up phrankenstyne and nikare? no way dude. They wouldn't appreciate it.
11) Where was 12thknight born? ummm... philadephia?
12) What animal does nikare remind you of? a panda
13) Are kmiotutsie and invisibleglue married? nope!
14) If wallbrat commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? EVERYONE!
15) Where did you first meet beautymess? on LJ
16) Is streaked_beauty an emo? eh, I don't know what an 'emo' is, really.
17) Has kmiotutsie dyed their hair? I'm sure she has at some point!
18) What do you agree with streaked_beauty about? curves are beautiful
19) If faetal and anar_anar were spliced together, what would be its name? Tahrea
20) What would paperwings21 give ohsaycanyousay for his/her birthday? nothing, 'cause she's stingy like that (just kidding!)
21) Is girlblue_77 a college student? no? yes? I dunno, she doesn't post much about her personal life...
22) How many monkeys could camilleyun fight at once and win against? 500,000
23) Does bluebl00d know boobiequeen? nope
24) What is kouhaataru's shoe size? ummm... 11?
25) Does wandrlost have a crush on scream_baby? he should, she's just that darn cute.
26) What song/movie would you recommend to paravati? Playing By Heart, because I recommend it to everyone.
27) Would maladroitkat and sidheblessed make a good couple? no, I think their personalities would clash too much... Kat is the quiet but stubborn type and Angel is the bold take-charge type. They'd fight all the time!
28) What is lorelei_sakti's favorite food? spagetti?
29) If alariya was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? lyric1459
30) What would you do if darkpool died? mourn, regret that I hadn't met her face to face, and pray a lot for thesaj.
31) Would you make out with 12thknight? no! I am monogamous.
32) Is notashamed 1337? SO 1337!!!!! SHE PWNS!
33) How would wallbrat conquer the world? first he has an army with everyone, then there is no one left to conquer, see? So he rules peacefully.
34) Is synisterchyck single? yep, more power to her!
35) Did acid_burns break up with you? no, thank goodness. ;-D
36) What would amazedcreation do differently in your shoes? probably talk to her parents
37) Do you have frenetik's screenname? DUH
38) What planet should whatsarahsaid be from? Venus -- 'cause that's where all the cool people are from.
39) What is kmiotutsie's favorite color? red
40) Are chillychilly22 and writer_lilies going steady? nope
41) When did you last call lilerthkwake? never -- but maybe soon I will!
42) Is dirtyandsmiling in a relationship? nope, more power to her!
43) Where was sunshinepill born? ummm... DC?
44) Does lullingshore have a dog? no?
45) What comic book character would writer_lilies be? SPIDERWOMAN!!!!!!
46) What color should bluebl00d dye their hair? dark blue!
47) Is vineofcrescendo popular? yes. With the best people, anyway.
48) One quality you find attractive in maladroitkat? intensity
49) How long would lilerthkwake dating camilleyun last? huh, that one might actually work... dunno, but I'd give it at least 3 months!
50) What is aubkabob's biggest flaw? SHE LIVES TOO DAMN FAR AWAY!!!!!!
51) Does faetal drink? yes, like a fish *giggle*
52) Is paperwings21 dead sexy? I haven't seen any photos of her but I bet she is!
53) Where would ohsaycanyousay most like to visit? Cairo?
54) If sidheblessed took over the world, who would be happy? all the ladies.
55) Would thesaj go out with kmiotutsie? nope, he's taken.
56) What exotic animal would angeleyes831 like as a pet? an ocelot
57) If aubkabob had a superpower, what would it be? The ability to make everyone on earth hear her voice when she speaks. (not loudly, magically)
58) What is nikare's favorite band/artist? evanescence?
59) Does girlblue_77 travel a lot? nope
60) How long have you known jamina1? two or three years
61) What languages does eternitywaiting speak? english. though she wants to be a polyglot.
62) What animal should frenetik be combined with? combined? ew!
63) frenetik's hair color? umbra
64) How would sidheblessed kill angeleyes831? with poisoned cherries.
65) Thoughts on twisteddaydream? she's amazing
66) Is dirtyandsmiling a high school student? no!
67) Does amazedcreation do drugs? no!
68) One thing you can't stand about valynn? nothing!
69) Has 12thknight been to your house/dorm? nope
70) What mental disorder does euterpe remind you of? none!
71) Does loved_gamgee go to your school? nope
72) kmiotutsie's eye color? green? grey?
73) What is darkpool allergic to? nothing
74) Is misemifein2 athletic? not really
75) Have you ever dated beautymess? nope
76) Is maladroitkat related to kabandra? nope
77) What rank would acid_burns have in a giant robot army? Master Sargeant (sp?)
78) Would you ever date paravati? nope, I'm monogamous
79) Is kouhaataru a nerd? you could say that, I guess...
80) If kabandra were hanging off a cliff, what would genesiskenshin do? laugh
81) Do you think jedibubbles is hot? OH YEAH!!!!!!
82) Is wandrlost your best friend? nope, but he means a lot to me.
83) Does thesaj have a big secret? I doubt it, he's pretty honest and open.
84) What video game does bluebl00d remind you of? none, I spit on video games.
85) Would chillychilly22 be a better ninja or pirate? NINJA
86) Would kevloid and scourge look good together? no, 'cause they'd both be dead for pissing off Eve
87) Do you have a crush on streaked_beauty? no, but I think she's gorgeous.
88) Does lilerthkwake smoke? sometimes
89) If phrankenstyne and valynn were spliced together, what would it be like? one crazy mix!
90) Which president would maladroitkat be likely to idolize? woodrow wilson
91) Are girlblue_77 and perilousdreamer going out? no
92) Could you see shioneh and writer_lilies together? NO WAY! They are complete and total opposites and wouldn't be able to handle each other.
93) Have you flirted with loved_gamgee? nope
94) What is scourge's favorite movie? ? dunno
95) Is kabandra related to you? nope
96) Which of your friends should dirtyandsmiling go out with? ummm... kmiotutsie?
97) How tall is chillychilly22? 5'6"
98) What is maladroitkat's favorite game? scrabble
99) Would you wrestle scourge in jello? sure, why not.
100) What flavor of jello would abstractfish be? blueberry

Obviously I was very very bored. (I did this a few days ago)

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sidheblessed ══╣╠══
How did you find out about my poisoned cherry plot? :P
angeleyes831 ══╣╠══
O.O I am watching you O.O
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
aubkabob ══╣╠══
that WOULD be a nifty superpower!
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
I actually put a lot of thought into that! ;-)
starry angel
eternitywaiting ══╣starry angel╠══

What, my name only shows up once? *whine*

Stupid meme. *kicks meme*
ex_alariya46 ══╣╠══
Seriously! I *cough* *singing* second that emooootion. */singing*

belenen ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣╠══
nikare ══╣╠══
A panda?!?! Lol, where'd that come from?

Hmmm, my favorite band eh? Well, I'll say that you've certainly guessed one that I particularly like. : )
belenen ══╣curious╠══
first thing that came into my head. ;-)

So what is your actual favorite band?
bluebl00d ══╣╠══
I spit on video games too =D

Dark blue huh? I'll think about it ;)
belenen ══╣beautiful╠══
;-D YES! Definitely think about it -- and then do it! It would be so hot on you and would bring out your eyes. ;-)
12thknight ══╣╠══
::snicker:: I'm taking your rejection well, on the whole...

I was born 30 miles from Philadelphia. But it's close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades.
belenen ══╣curious╠══
heh heh

Soo... have you lived in the same area your whole life?
12thknight ══╣╠══
writer_lilies ══╣Schpiderman!╠══
Oh okay. I see where the comment came from now. Lol. Why would I be her archnemesis? Lol. Spiderwoman. Whee!
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
heh ;-D

You'd be her archnemesis because you guys are so completely opposite in personality. SO opposite.
angeleyes831 ══╣╠══
I love ocelots (is that the plural form?) they are adorable, I would definitely want one and thanks for the heads up on sidheblessed
belenen ══╣amused╠══
oh awesome. ;-) A lot of people don't even know what they are!
darkpool ══╣╠══
This is a fun quiz though because you can talk about your friends in unexpected ways. I'm actaully allergic to lots of things, milk, corn, intolerant of soy, and to "air allergies but I'm not sure which ones, I highly suspect mold though.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
huh, I wouldn't have thought you'd be allergic to anything, 'cause you just seem like the type with a really strong constitution. And don't you need a strong constitution to be a nurse?
darkpool ══╣╠══
baka_shampoo ══╣╠══
wow that's a lot of livejournal.com friends to write about.
good job!
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
heh, yeah I was really bored.
vineofcrescendo ══╣╠══
yeah, you did do a good job. those quizzes frustrate me because they ask silly qeustions like is so and so hot. but thank you dear for your answer, but i think ive been downright abandoned for my crimes of being far too serious on my journal, lol. but in not offended, but i thought your answer was sweet.
belenen ══╣gentle╠══
:-( I don't think you're too serious! I am just bad at commenting. I hope you'll forgive me -- and I hope I get better! I gotta stop being so perfectionist and just say the first thing that comes to mind.
Final Fantasy
lorelei_sakti ══╣Final Fantasy╠══
I like spaghetti. =)
belenen ══╣curious╠══
cool cool. ;-) But is it your favorite?
lorelei_sakti ══╣╠══
chillychilly22 ══╣╠══
LOL I actually enjoyed reading that.

I've thought about taking up martial arts a few times. It would be cool to kick ass if I needed to. And I'm actually 5'3", but most people say I appear taller than that. I'm an illusionist I guess.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
hee hee, I enjoyed reading the ones my friends did. ;-)
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.