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Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, this is a jazzed-up version of last year's banner, but it's so perfect because this year I got that photo as a Christmas present! yay! Thank you again Danielle!

I'm going to sleep and when I wake up I get to open presents from some of you, I am so so so so so excited! And I get to open my presents from Ben! And hopefully he will love the presents I got him. and then (and I am ridiculously excited about this) I am so calling some of you to wish you Merry Christmas and to hear (if I sent and you got my present) how happy you are!

By the way, I say 'Merry Christmas' because that is the holiday I celebrate. If you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to wish me a Happy Hannukuh or a Cheerful Solstice or just a Joyful Winter (although that's kinda an oxymoron). I will be delighted just the same. ;-)

I love you all.
Tags: christmas, giving, lj friends

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