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marriage struggles -- gettin' betta'

Well, I wanted to post about how Ben and I are doing better, but right now I'm all pissy so I can't do it right. It's the second day of my cycle, I had to work both of the first two days and I have a full day again today, which is enough to make me miserable (I HATE working on the first two days) -- and I had absolutely no me-focused time with Ben for the past... 40 hours? because we have opposite schedules, so I am feeling unloved and cranky and deading time passing, which is never good. Also my parents are coming in town, which is always a cause for stress, especially now.


I have had more energy the past two days than I have for the past two weeks. Usually the first two days of my cycle are my lowest, weakest days -- but compared to how I have been it is a great change. A coworker actually noticed the change in my energy level/attitude and commented.

I think Ben's recent generosity is finally making a difference -- and I strongly suspect that some of you have been sending prayers/positive energy my way. Thank you.

And three days in a row I woke Ben up 'in a way that has proven to be very popular in the past.' (notashamed, I am sure you know where that quote is from) ;-) So he's happy.
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