Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (windpeople, lil sis, ben)

At first I was on the end of a peninsula-like cliff, feeling a sweet intensity of spirit. There were odd dwellings, very airy, waving in the wind, connected to trees and not touching the ground. The ground was soft and mostly free of leaves, as if carefully kept. The earth looked beautiful to me, the dirt almost yummy, very nourishing. I remembered catching a glimpse of lithe, ethereal people wearing floating rainbow-colored clothing, and I wanted to be able to meet them, so I was waiting for them to come back. I climbed a tree (feeling the bark as a living thing) to better be able to see them coming, and Ben (who was waiting below) called up to me not to hide from them, which irritated me because I wasn't hiding, hiding from them would be pointless anyway, and where I was would be more obvious to them than being on the ground. But really, he was nervous about me hanging out over the gorge (uncharacteristically I was unafraid of falling) so I came down to make him feel better. I was praying the whole time that the windpeople were real and that I would be able to meet them...

We knew they wouldn't be back until sundown, so Ben suggested we go for a walk. My lil sis was with us, and we walked down the gently sloping end of the peninsula. Just a few steps away there was a cow farm (which perplexed me, because how could people be so close and have no idea about the windpeople?) and we walked through on a sidewalk, right through a corral where at least 20 cows were giving birth, with people around to make sure everything went okay. I started getting freaked out, and we started hurrying, but lil sis slipped (on blood, but I made sure she didn't realize that) and hurt her leg. I asked her if she could walk and she said no, so I carried her for a few steps and then had her try to walk again, and she felt fine, so we ran the rest of the way out. After we got out and closed the gate behind us, and walked forward on a forest path again. Fireworks started going off and people started screaming in celebration, and I held on to Ben with one hand and lil sis with the other, and just screamed and screamed and screamed with my eyes closed (the applauding kind of scream that you do at concerts). Finally I opened my eyes again and Ben was gone. Lil sis stood there with a photo of some dried flowers that Ben had given me a long time ago, and said that he left. I didn't understand how I could have missed him leaving when I was clinging to his arm the whole time. I was so confused and worried that I woke up and never got to go back and see if the windpeople were there.

and that is STILL really bothering me. I want the windpeople to be real.
Tags: ace, dreams, dreams more real than waking, fae, trees

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