Belenen (belenen) wrote,

happy birthday Tahereh! (late is also better than never)

Happy (belated) birthday [info]anar_anar!!!

You are always and forever one of my favorite people. I so admire how you have taken all the negativity in your life and faced it down and chosen to stay postive, to focus on the good of life and still drink life with glorious abandonment. I love how passionate you are, how when you love something you declare it from the rooftops and honestly don't give a flip who might scorn you. You are so fearlessly, openly yourself! I look at you and get excited for myself, because I see myself becoming more like you as I grow. You're a role model to me -- thanks for making me question the societal restraints I had been blinded to, for really teaching me what it means to 'question everything.' Natural women unite! ;-D I hope to stay in touch with you always, even when you move to Iran. You'll always be in my heart. ♥
Tags: birthday, lj friends

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