Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (mother-sister-bestfriend-lover)

I had the sweetest dream... well, not all of it was sweet but one part I just can't stop thinking about.

At some house, visiting, a big party going on with dancing -- one woman started talking to me, said something like "come over to our side." She was bi or lesbian, her wife (a stocky, short-haired, 'butch' but very friendly and easygoing woman) was there, and she knew I was married, but she didn't judge me or consider that a hindrance at all. She was quite willing to accept me, husband and all. I'm really not sure what she was inviting me to... but she hugged me, pulled me against her chest, and as I was pulling back after the hug my hand slid down her chest and I felt her breast, incredible softness -- not exactly erotic but something close to it. She was completely open, and I got the impression that I could feel her body all over if I wanted to, just for the sensation and nothing more -- it was as if she had no desire to receive but just to give. As if she wanted me to learn something or gain something, but I don't know what.

I felt like she was mother, sister, best friend and lover, all at once. She radiated calm confidence and love, and I felt so incredibly peaceful and energized at the same time. She was a mature woman but not at all old -- maybe 40s, with a relaxed, unlined face. She seemed to have no selfishness in her at all -- she gave off a profound sense of not even thinking of herself. She had a beautiful figure, very voluptuous and womanly, medium-long brown hair, and an easy grace and confidence. I felt unimaginably safe and loved and accepted in her arms.

I want to feel that way again.
Tags: deities, dreams, dreams more real than waking

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