Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (lillibeth holds me)

last night I dreamed that I was sitting on the couch, feeling lonely, and suddenly lilerthkwake was there and she climbed in my lap, straddling me, and wrapped her arms around me and just held me. I had prayed for a comforting dream about a friend the night before, and I got it. It was just a moment -- the rest of my dreams were troubling -- but it was such a comfort. It wasn't who I would have expected to visit, but at the same time I am not surprised, 'cause I have been loving her more and more lately. She's such a beautiful person. Thank you lillibeth. ♥

I believe that dreams are spiritually true, and I will react to a dream about someone I know as if it really happened -- with less intensity then if it happened in waking life, but still there.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, lj friends

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