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"Mirror of Her Dreams" by Stephen Donaldson

Today was the first day of "Kristen serving Ben" or, as I shall henceforth refer to this experiment as, "KsB." So. It was kinda fun.

Nothing really remarkable happened, because I am reading "Mirror of Her Dreams" by Donaldson, and it is awesome so far. So I'm not really thinking about much else.

It's so awesome to me how God has me read fantasy novels right when they are appropriate to my life. I bought this novel months ago 'cause I had been dying to read it, and then I lost interest and it sat on my shelf until today, when I happened to pick it up and read the first page and I got riveted. There is this spiritual thing I'm going through (which I might post on when I have some leisure) that is exactly the same thing the protagonist is going through. And I mean exactly.


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