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aaaaaiiiiiieeee! You guys are the BEST FRIENDS anyone could EVER hope to have!!!!!! Thank you all x 80million for your delightful birthday wishes, emails, and shout-outs! (I am such a sucker for shout-outs. Srsly. (and yes, I pronounce 'seriously' without any vowels))

For my birthday, I got up ridiculously late. Despite the fact that he was very tired, Ben drove me to the used book store, where I used some of my credit, and the thrift store, where I found some awesome things: a rennaisance-style metal tankard, a headscarf, a round glass bottle, a miniature white ceramic urn, and a rough square glass jar, which declared to me that it was meant to house my crystals. I took it seriously. (and I got a few more things and STILL only spent $6)

Then we went over to Ben's parents' house, where elya made me a spice cake (the only kind of cake I like), Ms. K made meatloaf (which I used to hate until I tried hers, which is yum), AND guacamole (to eat with salsa & tortilla chips)!!! There is nothing better than fresh guac, I tell ya. And Ms K bought my favorite creamer (international delight cinnamon hazelnut) and starbucks coffee -- she made a pot for while I was there and gave me the rest of the bag as part of my birthday present. I was so blessed by all the thoughtfulness. ♥

Rebecca gave me PURPLE fluffy socks with a foot-scrub-lotion (which I am very excited about, 'cause I am plotting to get Ben to use it on me -- I looooove foot massages). elya gave me cherry-pomegranate juice (mmm YUM), a birthday balloon with a very pretty DRAGONFLY on it, incense sticks (oooh, ahhh) and a lavender tape dispenser. ;-) I love presents that show that the person knows me well. And Ms K gave me money to use at the used book store ;-) and a blockbuster gift card, and of course the coffee, and cinnamon candies. They all put so much thought into it, I loved it.

Thank you shioneh, frenetik, jedibubbles, beautymess, scream_baby, invisibleglue, maladroitkat, darkpool, eternitywaiting, alariya, phrankenstyne, kmiotutsie, 12thknight, and aslan_fan for your wonderful words. ;-) You all blessed me so much. And thank you Nisha and Ashley for calling also -- Nisha, it was so great to hear you! You have such an adorable accent! You guys just blow me away. ♥
Tags: birthday, elya, ex-in-laws, lj friends, rebecca

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