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(that's what I'm titling the entries that are about sex from now on, so those who do not wish to know may avoid knowing)

OH... MY... GOD.

Sex has been awesome the past few days.  Yesterday, Ben comforted me and that had a very positive effect on my libido.  We made love (missionary) and I came twice...  I can usually come more than once, but that was by far the most satisfying double-orgasm I've experienced during sex.  Oh My God.  Not kidding or exaggerating at all.  And I think I was louder the second time -- I'm glad Kaylene wasn't in the next room, 'cause the first would have woken her up and the second would have embarrassed her.  The only concession I'll make to the housemates is that I don't scream if they're at home.  I'm still loud, though.

And tonight's was awesome too; I was totally spent....  mmmmmmmm........

I think it was so awesome both times because I got a lot of non-sexual loving physical touch beforehand.  Before sex today Ben gave me a spongebath, just to be loving, and afterward I just felt like fucking, so we did.   ;-)


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