Belenen (belenen) wrote,

happy (VERY belated) birthday Hannah and dreaded_bliss!

Yes, I know this is -- *counts* -- 16 days late, but I did not forget, I've thought about it every day since the 29th!

Happy Birthday [info]shmee_!!!
and Happy Birthday [info]dreaded_bliss!!!

(there is definitely something to the whole birthdate-personality thing, I have so many friends in date clusters!)

dreaded_bliss, I don't know you that well yet, but what I do know I like and admire. I hope you had a fabulous birthday, and I hope this year of life brings you amazing growth and joy. ;-)

shioneh! I don't know how to BEGIN to find the words. Really... I've been sitting here for fifteen minutes now. I guess I'll just plunge in...

You are my spirit-twin. I am the most blessed person EVER to have found both my spirit-twin (you) and my soul-twin (Anika), and to have the opportunity to really get to know both of you (and I will have to make a post later explaining what I believe soul and spirit to be). You look at things and feel them in the same way I do -- and how I know that, I don't understand, but I know it so clearly and completely that it is hard for me to remember that you don't share my conscious beliefs, because beneath the conscious level we are SO alike. (which makes me feel really awkward about writing this!)

You are so beautiful, enchanting, inside and out. You are delicate and ethereal, yet also wild and fierce, like a dragonfly. You have a passion for life that I've never seen in anyone else -- for life in all of its beauty and pain, understanding that they are interwoven. Nothing can keep you down for long, because even when you feel hopeless, you never truly despair. You keep looking for a way out, a way up, until it appears and you can breathe again. I admire your intensity, your determination, and most of all your courage. It takes a very, very brave person to look at life honestly and focus on the beauty of it, because when you do, everything intensifies: both joy and pain, victory and loss, hope and fear.

You are the first person I have ever met who has been as open as (or more than?) myself -- and you're five years younger! I find myself learning from you, and I cherish that. My life has been incredibly deepened and enriched just by knowing you, seeing your unabashed passion -- you have freed me in many ways to accept my own seemingly naive views. We both know that living deeply and loving unreservedly brings pain -- but we know that it's worth it. Thank you for living out loud, my wonderful spirit-twin. ♥
Tags: birthday, hannah, lj friends, soul, spirit, spirit connections

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