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lj friend maps / travelust


This is where all my friends live -- except Sidhe (I have another Angel on my flist, so you are officially Sidhe in my mind. Nevermind that I can't pronounce it!), 'cause you're the only Australian friend I have, so you're special. You get a GIANT invisible star. ;-D

Yes, I know you Canadians are kinda floating... but except for one you're all near the border anyway.

If you haven't yet, do the simple map (I decided I like it best) and if you feel like it, the one with a photo.

I LOVE messing with maps. Had I been born a few hundred years ago, I'd SO have been an explorer and cartographer. I love getting a mental birds-eye view of places. When I lived in Marietta and drove all the time, I printed out a bunch of maps from mapquest, taped them together, and studied it, inventing shortcuts and new routes. I never got lost because of my mental map. Where I live now is dull as far as roads go, and I hardly drive... I should start driving more. That's why I love driving... it's like exploring.

I love traveling, love it love it LOVE it. I try not to think about it much, because if I did I'd grow very restless and I'd never be happy. My friend Del once told me that I am a nuevo-gypsy, and that struck me as so true that I almost changed my username... but I like having a NAME as my username -- it makes my journal feel more personal -- so I kept it.

But oh, I love airports, hotels, big-city highways, everything that has the spirit of transition. I think my dream job would require me to fly a new place at least twice a week, and I'd always go early so I could sit in the middle of everything and feel the anticipation from everyone. If I was rich, I'd spend SO MUCH money flying all over the place. I'd visit Aubrey, Hannah, Kate, Anika -- and probably just about anyone on my flist who'd have me. Even the idea has me all excited! Part of it is just that I'd like to meet you all, but honestly the pull of travel is a large part of it -- I'd feel cheated if you all came to visit me (even though I'd love it) and I couldn't visit you.

At least once this year I am going to fly. *shivers with anticipation*

And I'm feeling much better than I was -- still not comfortable, but not in constant pain anymore. Still have no clue what the problem is/was, but I'm calling the ob/gyn tomorrow. I've been sleeping away all the office hours, but not tomorrow!
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