Belenen (belenen) wrote,

my crazy old crone photo

So, I was talking to Hannah on g-talk yesterday (OMG I ♥ google, thank you for bringing my Hannah closer to me for FREE!!!!!!) and we were talking about me possibly getting a webcam. She said that she might put a pillowcase over her head sometimes because she looks 'crazy' or something like that, and I laughed and told her no, I can look crazy and there is no way she looks crazier than I can. Just because you have never seen a terrible photo of me doesn't mean they don't exist -- I just don't share them, usually.

glamourous, eh? That is what I look like when people make me do dishes after I have already gotten ready for bed and then they think it's cute to take a damn photo of me in glasses, messy hair, and falling-apart shirt. I think I was 17? 18? on 'vacation' with my biofamily in the mountains. I don't know why they suffer from the delusion that staying in a cabin in the middle of nowhere is a 'vacation' -- a real vacation is where you DON'T have to clean up after yourself! and where you get to swim, not hike trails. *puke* and then I had to go and marry someone who would just ADORE that -- I'm doomed. Hopefully the kids will take after me and demand to have access to a pool/ocean/preferablyboth.

Go on, top that. I dare ya.
Tags: hannah, photos

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