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eeeee tomorrow photoshoot! / nicknames

eeeeee! I'm so nervous and excited. Tomorrow I have a photoshoot with this photographer (link is NWS)! And alariya is driving me there and acting as my chaperone. ;-)

*twitches* I need to be in bed and asleep in an hour, and I still have to wash my hair. Which is no longer such a huge project but OH MY GOSH I'M NERVOUS!!! I can't think. Now that I've gotten down to it and it's in less than 24 hours I am just JITTERY. And yay to M-Kat and Aubrey (sorry I didn't call you back, I couldn't find the phone when it was ringing and then I forgot until now when I am too crazy) for posting those awesome memes and I can't wait to do them but I can't do them now because they'd be interrupted by utter stupidity.

Also, I nickname my favorites (or use a nickname that is very important to them, or that is rarely used by others) and I have been TRYING to think of something for Hannah, it's driving me crazy. *thinks like a wild philosopher*

And OMG I ADORE it when someone is writing me a letter or email and they sign it by the nickname I call them, it makes me feel like they trust me and believe in my love for them. ♥ ♥ ♥

*dances off crazily*
Tags: art -- photography, names

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