Belenen (belenen) wrote,

I sent this to Anika yesterday...

I sent Anika a shirt that I bought her a few weeks back, in the one shade of orange that I actually like, and this letter: (since I instantly forget what I wrote after I write it, I have started photographing every letter I write so that I can re-read them)

At the end, I wanted to say "believe in your worth and beauty as I do" but I don't think she believes that I do, so I changed it. Also, the fact that I signed it "Krista" is very significant, because I am no longer 'Bel' to her. Only those who know me well and love me, those I trust, are permitted to call me 'Bel.' I'm sure she'll go on referring to me that way out of habit, but I can't do anything about that, so oh well.
Tags: names, sunny

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