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describe me to a stranger (round 4)

because it's been almost exactly a year since I've done this... and 'cause I know some of you will have nice things to say and I could really use some encouragement. And some of you weren't even on my flist last time. ;-)

in a comment, describe what sort of person you think I am,
as if you were telling your best friend who had never met me.
Be completely honest and uncensored.

"Belenen is..."

and if you post it in your journal I will be sure to respond. ♥ If you did this last year, you can either ignore this or give me an updated version now that you know me better. ;-)

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meganlynnangela ══╣╠══
I can't say that I know her all that well. I've been reading her livejournal for a little while though, and I get a few impressions. First of all, she's very genuine. I think I want to use the word organic, but I'm not sure if that makes sense. She is who she is and you can take her or leave her, but you'd be a fool to leave her. She seems to have a very "make the best of things" attitude. She lets herself feel whatever she's feeling without judging her own emotions too harshly. She just wants to give of herself until she has nothing left. She is beautiful.
belenen ══╣loving╠══
Thank you so much, what wonderful words. ♥
kevloid2006 ══╣╠══
sometimes nekkid
sometimes broken
belenen ══╣loving╠══
awwwwwwww you think of me as family! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!! *huggggggg* You're an awesome big bro. ;-)
kevloid2006 ══╣╠══
camilleyun ══╣Lilac╠══
I'm really no in a good head space right now so I'm not sure how disjointed it is going to sound but this is what I would say:

I would tell them that you are open, honest, kind, beautiful, accepting, loving, nurturing, natural, real, thoughtful, expressive, profound... If I think of anything else later I will add it.

And I thought this may amuse you:

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belenen ══╣loving╠══
wow, what lovely words. Thank you Anna! :-)
chillychilly22 ══╣╠══
Belenen is a sweetheart, open-minded, free-spirited, fun, yet knows when to be serious. She's a very spirtual person and firm in her opinions and beliefs but will not try to enforce them on to you if you disagree. She is a supergenius within but won't throw her intellect in your face (unless the situation calls for it). She values friendship and is passionate in all that she does. She's not a afriad to be herself and in a world full of fake people you couldn't ask for anything more.
belenen ══╣loving╠══
wow, what a glowingly wonderful comment! *hugs you x 80million* *beams* This makes me delighted all over again when I re-read it. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you thank you!
thiswaste ══╣╠══
There's this girl on my flist- I can't say I know her too well because I met her only very recently, but she's really nice. She's also a model and she is absolutely beautiful. I hope to get to know her better.
belenen ══╣amused╠══
aww thank you!
faetal ══╣╠══
forGIVE my honesty.
Belenen? shes a beautiful, creative girl. You can tell she's been through a lot and is really trying to work through it, but its a long hard process and its difficult to watch her struggle through it. I honestly think she and i are a lot alike in ways most people wouldnt understand. I'd love to meet her in person someday, but I think we might not get along well... I'd be jealous of her beauty and her "in your face" spirit... I would cower and smile politely... probably being grumpy in my head that *I* dont demand the rooms attention as well as she does.
Sometimes I want to break down and tell her everything, and have her do the same with me, because we could both listen and care and provide support for eachother, but sometimes I'm afraid of her because she's fragile, and i can be harsh in my honesty, I hate to hurt people.
Truthfully a beautiful spirit, a person in progress, and a wonderful being.
belenen ══╣console╠══
Re: forGIVE my honesty.
forgive honesty? honesty is not bad, and I don't need to forgive!

I really do appreciate you being so candid. I feel like I understand you a lot better from this, which means I love you more truely. ♥ You're amazing. And I'm not as fragile as I may seem, really. I hope one day we can have that breakdown conversation... beauty would come of it, I am sure. *lovelove*
catwingz ══╣╠══
Well, I don't feel that I know you well yet, although I do know some things about you. (You don't post nearly often enough;) You seem very grounded in yourself, a person who looks for relationships at a deeper level than most, like myself. You certainly have an eye for beauty and an exquisitely gorgeous body. You are open and kind and generous, and I would say, ever-hopeful, even when something not-so-nice happens.
belenen ══╣beautiful╠══
thank you for those beautiful words ♥ I look forward to knowing you more.
catwingz ══╣╠══
cassieeeee ══╣╠══
Belenen is... well, she's beautiful. She's so confident it's almos intimidating. She doesn't let what other people think she should be influence who or what she is. She has inspired me to love myself without question, and to see the beauty in others.
belenen ══╣loving╠══
that is such a wonderful thing to say, especially the last sentence. That's one of the goals of my life, so it's just amazingly encouraging to hear that I'm accomplishing it in some ways. ♥
laughing bride
musicwench ══╣laughing bride╠══
for the record, I actually was telling someone about your gorgeous LJ layout
Oh yeah, that Belenen girl is pretty cool! She runs a really great community on LJ -- she's honest, loving, giving -- she is simply a good person, and that's the thing I like about her - You can tell that being A Good Person matters to her. She needs more love in her life friendship-wise, but everyone she comes into contact with is welcome and respected. Anyway, I really admire her.
belenen ══╣shimmering╠══
Re: for the record, I actually was telling someone about your gorgeous LJ layout
thank you so much for these amazing words. You make me glow! *lovelove*
_paroxysm_ ══╣╠══
Despite not knowing her for long, I'd say that Belenen is pretty much an open book - what you see is what you get. Confident, spiritual and perhaps a little too over-analytical. Definitely a good soul (=
belenen ══╣adorable╠══
'sank you dahling. ;-D
juansrx ══╣*mtl2╠══
She is a very open artist, a clever woman that writes very long and very deep comments about life, about friendship and about love, her creativity is always working.

She is strong, and is always fighting, she always shows her feelings in an open and detailed way, she has "truth" as a law to her life.
belenen ══╣beautiful╠══
wow, stunning words! Thank you!
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
You're incredilby loving, spiritual person who is always willing to make time for others. You're intelligent and have strong views you will stick by through thick and thin.

You take your relationships with those you care for seriously and make wokring to improve them a priority. You also make time for self-care and working to imporve yourself.

You're an overal great person.
belenen ══╣osculant╠══
awww you're so sweet. I love you! ♥
paradigm_shift ══╣╠══
Belenen is the soul of every womans inner goddess that is crying to be let out. She is a rare truth seeking gem, not afraid to be herself and longs to bring out the inner beauty in those around her. If I could possess only a fraction of her courage, conviction, and deep, sincere love for others in my lifetime then I would be an accomplished woman.
belenen ══╣shimmering╠══
oooooohhhhhhhh wow, you blow me away. Thank you so much! ♥ I am stunned all over again, re-reading this.
paradigm_shift ══╣╠══
[lina] best kisses ever
notashamed ══╣[lina] best kisses ever╠══
Belenen is:
beautiful, honest, true, real and demanding in the way that a true person should be. She teaches with her words and inspires me to be the true woman that I know I can be.
belenen ══╣osculant╠══
thank you so much janna! Especially for that last part -- I can't think of a better compliment! You make me feel wonderful!
yue_dreamflower ══╣╠══
"I know Belen for a couple of days, but I can tell she is a warm person, very open minded and artistic. She seems to care a lot about their friends, I'm sure you'll like her... at least, that's what I like about a person."
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.