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naming the black snail....

I bought Hya a friend today -- a black mystery snail -- and he didn't even notice at first. Then he went down to the bottom and started sniffing around the snail. Seriously, for all the world he looked like a curious kitty. He gradually got closer and closer and then he bit the shell! or tried to and shied away. Half a minute later he bit the actual snail (who is pretty close to his own size, btw). Irritated and alarmed, I smacked the glass and lectured him on not biting his friends; he just looked at me. He wouldn't leave the bottom of the vase either, staying right next to the snail. The snail didn't uncurl from his shell for so long that I was a little worried that maybe Hya attacked the snail more while I wan't looking and killed it, but after about six hours of laying there (some welcome!) he clung to the glass and started smoothing his way around. I need to name him. Hmmm... What to name a black snail who lives with a Hyacinthe?


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