Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sleep poses / dream (hannah's visit: I introduce her to my biofamily and then we cuddle silently)

When sleeping with someone, I prefer a cuddly person to take turns spooning and being spooned, but Ben's not a 'cuddly sleeper' *makes Chandler mocking face* so usually, we progress from :
I am a pinching koala and tree! to I am a tandem cycle! to I am a bubble blower! every night.

But this is what I like best:
I am a classic spoons! and I really want to try I am a fireman's carry! with a girl friend. (Ben's hips are way too bony to make a good pillow and he'd feel claustrophobic being so curled up with me)

On a related note, yesternight I had a dream about Hannah's visit -- first I drove around and showed her off to all of my family, aunts included (which was weird since the parents don't live here anymore and I very very rarely contact any biofamily voluntarily, maybe once a year), then we went home (to a place I've never seen, with a tent inside the apartment) and curled up together on the couch and just lay silently enjoying each other's nearness. And it felt like a forest after the rain.
Tags: dreams, dreams more real than waking, hannah, touch

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