Belenen (belenen) wrote,

proof that I can fangirl with the best of ya: Ivory May

Two of my friends recently got soooooo excited over finding an actress/writer on myspace who is a major inspiration to both of them, and I sorta shook my head and grinned, like "aww, how cute." And then barely a day later I do the exact same thing. (well, not exact same, it would have to be Adrienne or Angelina for that, but nonetheless...)

IVORY MAY HAS A MYSPACE!!! omfg. I love the internet age. *draws hearts around it* And in honor of the myspace-ing of one of myyyyyyy favorite celebrities, a PHOTOPOST!!!! (I will cross-post it to curvygirls later after I dis/approve the two posts in the queue)

Ivory has THE most astonishing waist-hip curve I have ever seen. *dies*

EDIT: OMG she's so nice! I sent her a message saying how I admired her and such, and she wrote a sweet thank you and added me -- eek! *feels star-struck*

EDIT2: most of these images were taken (and reuploaded because I am no bandwidth thief!) from -- a very expensive but fabulous clothier. The last four are from -- much more reasonably priced.
Tags: curvygirls, photos

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