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Random bampard...

I keep checking Allison's link page to see if she added my banner, but nothing yet. *pout*

I'm working on the meta tags for my site; I think I'm going to put some effort into developing and promoting it now... why, I don't know. It isn't particularly helpful to your average person -- more a collection of the things that make me me -- but nonetheless I want people to see it. I have, after all, put a considerable amount of work into it, and frankly, I want compliments. Meh.

Thanks for all the suggestions for _________'s name! I think I like Onyx best so far... but the idea of using another character from the Kushiel's series really appeals to me. If only I could think of the right one!

Oh, I updated my bio to actually be a bio. (it was just an account of another life of mine)

I wish I could get creative and paint again... or beadweave. You'd think my spirit would just be full of life right now but I'm plumb outa creative juice.

Complaints: Kaylene did not come over today like she said she was going to; a lady is going to be staying in the next room for a week and a half, and she has MS and is a light sleeper, so I will have to be quiet (which I HATE); Matt is also moving in for a few weeks, down the hall, and he annoys me (why must you be so friendly when it's all fake?); I got all dizzy and sick earlier today.

Happinesses: Ben took care of me when I wasn't feeling good; in a few weeks I'll get to see Allison; also in a few weeks I will hopefully do a photo shoot (creativity!); my site shows up in google even though I didn't submit it!

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