Belenen (belenen) wrote,

fabulous sex, fabulous day, yay!

Ben and I just had theeee most fabulous sexperience, and I feel like telling everyone I see all about it. But since that would probably get me fired, I'll just tell you guys!

ohh I'm all glowy and giggly, I don't think I've ever had such a strong after-reaction. He was too! ;-)

I came THREE times! (and if our neighbors weren't awake before, they probably were after, hee hee -- I was LOUD!) I haven't been that voracious for sex in a long long long time, and I don't ever remember coming more than twice from sex (the most I've ever had was 5 in a row, but that was by myself, heh). It's so encouraging! at this time last year I couldn't even imagine enjoying sex, I was having flashbacks and horrible images at just the mention of sex. I have healed and grown so much.

Beforehand, Ben was giving me a full body massage and he said that I was beautiful, so I told him to describe me. He thought for a minute and then said that he needed to practice for moments like that because he has a one-track mind and can either focus on his hands or what he's saying. I laughed and then he said, "No wonder lesbians have so much fun, they can concentrate on more than one thing at a time!" -- which made me giggle for a full minute. I love my funny, sexy, amazing husband. ;-)
Tags: b - ex-partner, sex

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