Belenen (belenen) wrote,

sicky update / congrats Kimberley and Jason!

I slept ALL of monday (24 hours, only got up twice to pee! no kidding) and napped most of Tuesday, getting up to eat yummy nourishing food that Ben brought me and drink a bunch of vitamin water, and have an IM conversation (no voice because my throat hurt) with Hannah that was very comforting and made me feel loved... and sleep sleep sleep. I feel mostly better now -- still achy/sniffly, but I have some energy and my throat is almost all better. So I suppose the key to fast healing is sleeping whenever I feel the slightest urge -- and drinking vitamin water. yum.

CONGRATULATIONS darkpool and thesaj!!!

I pray you both humility, understanding, quick forgiveness, passion, adoration, generosity, and above all, love. I know that you are going to have a fantastic marriage, and I look forward to seeing you grow together. I love you both. ♥

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