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ancient egypt

Not that anybody cares *sticks tongue out at the world in general, and the annoyingly difficult marketing world in particular* but I've been working on my Egyptian pages.... (not live, so you can't actually see what I'm doing) I've collected so much information from random spots, and now I am organizing it into useful, interesting pages. (interesting to egyptomaniacs, anyway)

More specifically, I'm working on my Egyptian god and goddess section. Some of this info I collected and haven't even read yet, so even though it's slow work it's fun. Especially the 'idea' gods, like Ma'at (truth) or Shait (destiny). (both goddesses) And I love it that there is a fairly even female to male ratio. In Ancient Egypt, you better believe that women weren't quiet, subserviant types. Look at Hathor (the eye of Ra, and his instrument of vengance), or even Bastet (goddess of the household, who occasionally took on lioness form), Selket (scorpion goddess)... it goes on and on.

The more I learn about ancient Egypt, the more I love it.

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