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hair cut and dyed for the first time EVER!!!!!


Saturday morning I woke up and had an urge to get my hair cut -- not the cut I had been thinking of, but something more Alice-y -- and dyed, so I called up my lovely Analariya and asked if she minded if we spent our day doing that. She thought it was a great idea, so off we went to get my first real haircut (I've only ever had trims before) and my first dye job. I told the hairdresser that I wanted something "chunky and messy and weird" and what I ended up with was a perfect blend of my previous idea and the new oddness that I had thought of. It suits me soooooo well -- Chris is a genious, I tell you. It was pricey -- by far the most I have ever spent on mere vanity -- but OH so worth it. I think I am going to be a haircut/dye junkie now. *eeshk*

ANDDDDD the vibrant color is SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect! *danceX80million* I've worked twice since I got it done, and had unanimous compliments from EVERYONE who has seen it, tons and tons of coworkers! Even Miss K, Ben's mom, liked the cut -- though she may need a while to get used to the color.

I had no idea hair could make such a huge difference -- and not just in my appearance! As Chris was cutting, I watched in the mirror and saw myself growing more confident, more free. This is so ME, so Bel, as Ben (or was it Alariya?) said. But I think it was like a completion of something already begun -- the old me would never have just decided, "I'll get my hair cut/dyed today" especially not in an unplanned style, and definitely would not have let the stylists just do their thing with the cut and color. And old me would have felt too awkward to go back in search of Chris to tell her I thought she had fabulous legs (I believe that if you think something nice about someone you should tell them, and she did have amazing legs). New me thought, "Okay self, do you really want to give up this opportunity to encourage someone for the sake of a tiny bit of discomfort?" and realized that the answer was "definitely not."

So happy and free! So ME!

closeup of the color... yes I have a cowlick, but when I'm not leaning forward it's covered.

I think this is my favorite picture of me EVER. In sunlight my eyecolor actually shows!

The shirt's not very flattering but I love the color and comfort. Fuzzy pride!

Sillyface but I love how my hair looks in this one. ;-)

I look 'me' even from the back now.

I am sexxxxxeh.

These photos brought to you by my new lithium batteries, my beloved camera Spyder, and the glorious photographer alariya. ;-)
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