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photos of Hya's 1st and 2nd homes

Poor still-nameless snail...

Hya's first home (it's clean, the glass is a green color)Collapse )
Hya's NEW home!!! Isn't this awesome?Collapse )
Hya exploring his new home...Collapse )
Hya twirling!Collapse )

I'm freakin' obsessed with this camera... and my Hya. If I was a mermaid, I'd have Hya for a pet. He is a water-breathing scaled cat. So-called catfish are not catlike at all, but Hya's just so graceful and curious that I want to pet him! (I don't think my oils and such would be good for him, or I'd have tried)

Still can't settle on a name for my poor snail! He reminds me so much of something, but I can't think what! (It's like black opal, but not...)

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