Belenen (belenen) wrote,

weird unglam photos of meh

I almost never post anything but very flattering, carefully posed and perfectly lighted photos, and that has started to bother me of late.  I don't feel like it is dishonest, really, since the photos I usually post are artistic and therefore supposed to be planned and aesthetically pleasing -- but I don't like the idea that someone would get the impression that I am this poised, unruffled, eternally glamourous laaaaaaaaady when in reality I am usually messy and weird.  So I am going to post some photos that are quite spontaneous and silly -- originally taken for the benefit of shioneh but now to be shared with the world.

I might sound confident but I'm a little nervous, so if you decide to comment, please keep them positive or neutral and don't point out the ones you especially dislike.

heeeeey babeh!  (yes I am ALWAYS naked at home)

hmmmm, I'm not too sure about that...

oooh, the one-eyed 'come hither' look

I AM teh weird.  I outwierd you without even trying.

kissy face!

hyperly fake-interested look.  "Yes, I'd love to hear about that amazing CS round, Ben!"


Beware the wrath of Bel.  *grrrr*

... but it doesn't last long, happy kissy face!

drugged kissy face...

'lusty' kissy face (according to hannah)

*plotting mischief*

my pussy!  looking blurry and disgruntled because she hates the flash.
Tags: hair, home, kanika, photos

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