Belenen (belenen) wrote,

userinfo update: questions and descriptions please!

I need to redo my userinfo, because the text seems more and more dull and less and less me. But I am not sure what to say, so...

SERIOUS questions, please. As if you're interviewing someone to be your best friend.

what would you ask someone if you were trying to get to know them, understand who they are at heart?

(sorry, had to re-do the poll because I made the answer field too short!)

if you think of more than one question, feel free to comment it! and if you haven't before, please describe me to a stranger, since I need to update the quotes in my userinfo too.

That means YOU shioneh, lilerthkwake, acid_burns (when you get back, I miss you dammit!), notashamed (thanks love!), invisibleglue, cherrywindex, scream_baby, twisteddaydream, paradigm_shift (thanks love!), synisterchyck, and anyone else who feels they know me well enough. ;-)
Tags: meme, polls

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