Belenen (belenen) wrote,

poll on the frequency of my posting / happy birthday Veronica!

I'm in a poll-y mood and I've been told that I don't post often enough! I thought I posted too much. So let's see what the average opinion is:

how often would you say that I post?

too much -- your stuff is so long it takes a week to read anyway!
just the right amount
not often enough -- gimmie more more more!

Happy Birthday [info]synisterchyck!!!

You are the bravest, strongest woman I have ever known -- and I don't make sweeping statements lightly. Even when carrying burdens that would be far too much for most people, you manage to find the guts to poke fun at the situation. (and make posts like this!!!) You makes me laugh more than anyone else ever has -- and the entire time I have known you, your life has been very difficult. I am in awe of you, lady. I look forward to meeting you after life because I can't wait to clearly see your intricate, glowing spirit.
Tags: birthday, lj friends, lj my beloved home, polls

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