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list of things to post about / Crystal Renn icons!

I have SO. MUCH. to post about, arrg I hate it when I get all bottlenecked! I'm constantly composing entries out loud or in my head lately, I have felt so inspired and so full of life and words. Things I reeeeeally want to post about very soon:

---my soulfriendship with shioneh.
---my new, much deeper friendship with alariya (and the results of our latest photoshoot if she'll let me).
---my beliefs about 'right and wrong' and what 'judging' is, the difference between thinking in black & white and thinking in color.
---my amazing relationship with my husband, who is THE most loving, giving, sexy, thoughtful, utterly incredible person EVER.
---my love for glass, which sounds so simple but really isn't, I almost cry when I'm really thinking about it (so I'm not going to think about it until I am actually writing the entry, one blurry typing session is enough).
---and I want to write a bunch of individual entries answering the questions here, because they are all amazing and really make me think deeply! (feel free to add a question if you didn't give me one yet)
---I also reeeeeeeeeeeally want to redo my userinfo and reply to my huge backlog of comments.

for this post, I give you pretty shiny things that I posted in my sparklingnew icon journal, violetglow:

12. Crystal Renn . 24. Crystal Renn . 47. Crystal Renn . 74. Crystal Renn

( 76 Crystal Renn icons! a few possibly NWS )
Tags: icons, lists

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