Belenen (belenen) wrote,

hannah's visit -- plans!!!!

Hannah's visit OMG!!!!!!!! TWENTY-FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!! She's bought the tickets, I've gotten the time off work, it's all set into motion and actually happening, OMG OMG. Can you IMAGINE how exciting??? To put it into normal-people terms, it's like you've met the wo/man of your dreams and talkedtalkedtalked and now you are finally getting to meet her/him. Soulfriendship is like a marriage. I can't believe it, I live in kind of a daze, I think about it all the time. But it doesn't seem quite real! It's too magical and fairy-tale-like. So plans! Yes:

27 Th --- Ben and I get hannah from the airport, she falls asleep from exhaustion (most likely). if she manages to sleep on the plane, we may go see Ben's musician friend play a show?
28 Fr --- watch foxfire and OF COURSE Playing By Heart!!! 8pm dinner with Ashley (and Ben) @ El Ranchero
29 Sa --- church visit (with Ben), visit green couch!
30 Su -*- Threegirls day! salon day, hopefully, with cutting and dying for free!
31 Mo -*- ((Ashley and Hannah day))
1 Tu --- possibly visit the dryads at my old house, go to park to blow bubbles and turn cartwheels
2 We --- visit the Book Exchange from 4:30-6pm, art projects!!! *plots*
3 Th --- Niki Nights @ ATL Botanical Gardens from 9-10pm (with Ben)
4 Fr --- more art projects!!!
5 Sa --- photoshoot with storeyphoto? (with Ben)
6 Su -*- threegirls day! Waterfalls! hopefully we find a place to skinnydip!
7 Mo --- Georgia Aquarium from 1-5pm (with Ben)
8 Tu --- Funk Heritage Center @ Reinhardt from 1-4pm (with Ben)
9 We --- (full moon!) Helen visit (tubing & shopping), head out at 10am -- possibly change day for weather (with Ben)
10 Th --- lazy day, watch Something New
11 Fr --- possible TATTOOing!
12 Sa --- lazy day, 5pm evening with Ashley!
13 Su --- hannah leaves. :-( I'm already dreading this, which is why I asked off a few days AFTER she leaves. I expect to be BEYOND lonely for at least a day.
Tags: ashe, hannah, hannah -- visiting 2006 (home), lj friends

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