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dream (Adrienne from TBG)

took a nap this afternoon (I've been so exhausted) and I dreamed that Ben and I were looking for a couple to share a house with us, and we heard that Adrienne and Jeremy were about to move out of the house they were living in, and were looking for a place... so we went over to say that they could check out our place and see if they wanted to join us. But when I got to the door, Adrienne and this guy she shared the house with answered, and I got so nervous about being an intrusion that I would only talk to the other guy. So Ben took Adrienne to the car to talk while this other guy and I had a debate about Fantasy novels and whether or not Fantasy is of God. He wasn't antagonistic, just interested in my ideas, and it was interesting to talk to him, but I really wanted to talk to Adrienne. Yet I filled up every second of space with my words, and she is too nice to butt in, so I didn't say a word to her, nor her to me. (and I could tell she kinda wanted to talk to me.) Then I woke up.

Dreams like that make me so wistful. She never has written me back, and I haven't written her since the end of November... I'm not even sure if the address I have is still current... but I have been thinking about her more and more lately, so I might write her soon.
Tags: adrienne, b - ex-partner, dreams

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