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Hannah's visit: 2006 -- happiness!

this is just a short little post, mostly to say thank you thank you thank you to all of you beautiful, loving people who commented on that last post. It was SO encouraging to read that you believe in me. ♥ I feel all cozy in my LJ again, yay! I will be writing a full account of the past few days very soon, maybe after I make this post. It's too important that I remember for me to procrastinate it past my memory. So many amazing things have happened! I can't wait to write about last night, eeee!

One of the best parts of this is that shioneh is such a photojournalist, taking literally hundreds of photos a day. I thought she was exaggerating when she posted that, but she was NOT. And it's addictive! Now half the time it's me taking the camera and photographing EVERYTHING. Which is so wonderful because nothing captures a moment like a snapshot. All I ever took before was impromptu yet posed portraits -- I've discovered a whole new world, which all of you will likely regret when my posts include 50 photos each like most of hannah's do. ;-D but I love it. I always regret not taking enough photos, or only taking posed ones -- they don't capture life like candids.

I reeeeeeeeeally want to post some with hannah, but I have to get her permission first, so one of me will have to do for now:

this is how I feel every time I look at her. ♥
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