Belenen (belenen) wrote,

work -- meeting a friend from some other time.

I had an interesting experience at work the other day. I was ringing up stuff for this guy who drew me intensely; I felt like I'd known him before. And in my head there was a very insistent question, so I said, "This is a very random question, but what sort of music are you into?" He thought seriously for a moment, then said that he liked pretty much anything, even country, though he had had to train himself into liking that. At my questioning look he said it makes life easier because then you don't flinch and cover your ears when you hear it, and I laughed and agreed. Then he asked why, and I told him that I had an urge to ask, so I did. (and inside I felt that that question wasn't quite the question that my spirit was asking, but it was the closest I could get) He gathered his things and just before leaving paused to say that probably his favorite was Angie Aparo, which startled me because no one I've met ever knew his name, but I liked him when I heard "Spaceship" and fell in love when I heard "Hush." I said that I hadn't heard anything since he had the one album that was all over the radio, and the guy said, "The American?" and I agreed, for some unknown reason very happy to find that he liked that music. I've never been a huge fan of Angie Aparo, so it couldn't just be that. It felt like a confirmation of some unknown quality.

Afterwards I wondered if perhaps we had been friends before we came to earth, and had composed music together, or perhaps we are meant to be friends later on. I hate the fact that when I'm at work, I can't just follow instincts and go have a conversation of some hours with people who I instantly connect with. I hope I meet him again, and if I do I'm going to at least attempt to arrange a time to talk. I'll talk to Ben about it but I'm sure he won't care if we meet in some public place, and he gets to meet the guy.

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