Belenen (belenen) wrote,

phonepost coding = breaks my page / artistic nude icons

I have a very selfish request. Something about phone post code breaks my friends page, and then to see beyond that post I have to (temporarily) take you off of my default f-list. I don't mind that, except that sometimes I forget, and I'm like, what the hell happened to _____, she hasn't posted in like two weeks! only to realize that you have. So, if you're feeling generous and you happen to remember, could you put phone posts under an lj-cut? I'm keeping you all either way, just thought I'd ask.

Also, sometimes I will be using artistic nude icons -- it will probably be rare, but I find them very expressive and I'm not willing to restrict myself to only using them in comments. So if you check LJ at work, then you'll either have to: risk it (they are only 100x100px and I won't be using them often), or take me off your default view and only look at my journal at home, or take me off your list altogether. I hope you'll do one of the first two, but if you feel that I am being unreasonable or you simply don't want to go to all that hassle and so you say goodbye, I won't hold any hard feelings. I will still put full-size artistic nudes under a cut with a warning, because I don't find that restrictive at all.

yes I realise the irony of the two subjects, but they apply to different people.
Tags: clothesfree, lj friends

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