Belenen (belenen) wrote,

on a completely opposite note, I have the best husband ever

My partner has been sooooooooo loving lately, really really thoughtful. Saturday I was really depressed and it is SO hard to get out of bed when I have nothing to look forward to because I really enjoy dreaming -- he woke me up repeatedly without getting impatient (and I mean, checking on me every 15 minutes for probably three hours), lay down next to me and carressed my hair, made me food, watched a movie with me, took me to coffee, talked with me about spirituality and relationships, took me to Wal-mart to get clothes!!! and was just completely sweet all day long, not spending lots of time on the computer, not getting irritated with me once (I can be irritating when depressed because I overreact to anything bad).

I'm so touched. ♥ He's making such a huge effort, especially considering his stress over work. I'm looking forward to spending time actively developing our relationship now. For a long while I poured SO MUCH ENERGY into building our relationship, but that gradually petered out because he wasn't taking an active role, and now he is and I feel so relieved, so hopeful. I think this has a lot to do with him learning how to express himself more, learning who he is. He's always been that wonderful -- he's just now learning how to channel it. ♥
Tags: b - ex-partner, the green couch

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