Belenen (belenen) wrote,

if you don't fill this out I will know and zap you with lasers.

cause sidheblessed did it... and my old similar poll is waaaaay outdated.

Poll #825726 things that say a lot about you....

what is your myers-briggs personality type?

what's your favorite color? be specific -- not just green, mint or lime or emerald.

favorite musical group(s)?

favorite musical genre?

favorite number/letter?

favorite actress/actor?

favorite type of food? (i.e. mexican, italian, japanese)

favorite movie?

favorite book?

favorite animal?

if you don't know what your myers-briggs type is, click here and take the test.


Champions are introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive. Champions have a strong desire to make their thoughts known to the world. When Champions speak or write, they are often hoping to use their convictions to motivate others to participate in advocacy or they hope to reveal a hidden truth about the human experience. Champions are greatly concerned with ethics and justice and have a strong desire to speak about current issues and events. They are the most inspiring and animated of the role variants.

Champions are very individualistic and they feel a need to experience significant social events. Champions consider intense emotional experiences to be vital to life and view the world as a drama. They are constantly seeking to learn about everything that has to advancement of good and the retreat of evil in the world.

Champions are keen observers of the people around them. They have exceptional intuitive abilities and are capable of intensely concentrating on a particular individual. Champions are often able to read hidden emotions and to place significance on the actions of others. Champions are constantly scanning their social environment and intriguing characters are not likely to escape their attention. Their attention is usually active rather than passive. Champions are sensitive and alert to what is possible.

Champions are warm, energetic, spontaneous, positive, exuberant and dramatic. Other individuals usually find these personality qualities to be attractive and often want to be in the company of Champions. Champions usually have good people skills and get along well with their colleagues.
Tags: colors, favorites, personality, polls

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