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not happy...

Well, I emailed Thux, asking the "offical" last date the Benjamin Gate is playing..... I'm praying it's Fallquest...

I have to do a lab and then go to Government class in five hours. Well, I have to leave in 5 hours. I hate needing sleep. Why do I have to waste my time sleeping? I have been in such a productive rut lately. I'm battling my depression that way. It works! I was depressed today, so I made a pair of barefoot thongs. For me, actually. I never make jewelry for me, but this time I did! Yay! From 7:30 to 11, I think. They're for my "Belenen as a Healer" costume, which I will be wearing to the midnight showing of ROTK. I'm so not enthusiastic about anything right now. Blah. I'll write later.
Tags: adrienne

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