my cat is lost

fuck. Kanika's gone. The cat who's always been terrified of the outdoors somehow slipped outside and stayed there, and shortly after that we left for Ben's parent's house, not realizing she had gone, and now we can't find her. We walked the neighborhood calling, turned the flat inside out... she always comes when we call her. And it's freezing cold and she's never been outside before for more than a minute. She must be terrified... I am. Where's my kitty?

I feel dead. How could this happen? On top of everything else.... I can't even go into it but I found out more shit about my bioparents today. Why did my kitty go? I can't handle this.


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ADGTH : Grumpy Angel
sabr ══╣ADGTH : Grumpy Angel╠══
OH MY GOSH. I am so so sorry. Put up flyers tomorrow; maybe someone took her in for the night. Is she wearing a collar? I know that usually, when cats get outside and its inclement weather, they bed down until the weather clears. It supposed to be warmer tomorrow, so I hope hope hope that you find her or she finds you. I'm praying for you!
kevloid2006 ══╣╠══
are you sure she's outside? sometimes cats just crawl into strange places in the basement and don't come out until they feel like it.

when my dad's cat wandered off, he left a window open and she came home on her own a week later.
Hope... This Way
in_withbothfeet ══╣Hope... This Way╠══
I have been reading your entries, but I'm not sure what to say.

I DO know that I am concerned as well as progressively humbled by you and your strength and spirit.

I just typed a paragraph about 3 times... different paragraphs.

You're a strong person and are there for so many other people, and it sounds like now might really be a time where you need support of others... I mean, that goes without saying, I suppose. For anyone. But, a real... connection, to things and people. To be perhaps reminded of... you know... your reflection in others... I feel so afraid of sounding dumb that I think I'm making myself more dumb. But basically, I guess... to feel appreciated and reassured that you're still a part of things and people? I mean, I'm not telling you this as "advice" or anything, that's the last thing I'd do for someone who didn't as for it, I'm just trying to see if I understand this correctly and if I'm close in my interpretations and wonder...ings.

I'm sorry you're feeling so let down lately...
talkingpotato ══╣faerycuddle╠══
I'm so sorry your kitty is missing, I'll keep her in my thoughts and hope she comes home soon :(
thiswaste ══╣╠══
*big hugs*
I hope you find her soon- maybe she's just hiding somewhere weird inside the house.
armandii ══╣╠══
I hope kitty comes back very soon. My sister's cat (also a nervous little thing who rarely went out) recently went missing for a couple of weeks and everyone was so scared but eventually she came home, and is now ok. I'm sending all positive energy to you xxxxx
ex_alariya46 ══╣╠══
Oh, Bel!

*hugs her*

Gee, I feel like I don't quite know what words to speak to comfort you, but... I love you very much, and I'm praying that Kanika will be back before you've had too much time to miss her.
Angelina Jolie / Let It out
bluebl00d ══╣Angelina Jolie / Let It out╠══
I know it's scary but try not to worry. My cat did that, we were taking him to the vet and he freaked out right outside the vets door and scratch my aunt and ran off. He was gone for a week but he came back. The vets office was a 10 minute car ride from our house, so for a cat it's a pretty long distance but cats and dogs have the ability to track down their home.

Sending positive vibes ♥
faceless_wonder ══╣love╠══

i hope you find your kitty!
juansrx ══╣lem1╠══
OH NO!, sorry to hear that!!, I don`t know what to say, except that yo have to be strong and hope somebody will find your cat, you can make a search group, call the police, or somebody....but be hopeful, it will be ok!
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
oh shit!! any new developments??
folkchick3 ══╣╠══
Oh Bel, I am so sorry to read this!! I will paray that your Kitty comes home safe and sound! (((hopeful hugs)))
kara_called ══╣╠══
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about this on top of all the other worries you've had lately. My cat escaped once and was outside for more than 5 hours before we got home and realized. We looked all over and just as I was crying and about to take the step into the house, there she was, huddled under the tallest step. Hopefully your kitty will do the same thing mine did.

{{big hug}
mimimandy ══╣╠══
our indoor cat got out for 2-5 days before too (he's my mom's "baby" and he's not fixed) anyways I looked for him a lot and we left canned catfood (his favourite flavour) out on the porch and he came home. However if she doesn't return I might be willing to give you a kitten as we have four beautiful tonk female pregnant cats at my home. But I'll pray for her safe,immediate return home
sidheblessed ══╣╠══
Bel, I'll pray for kanika's safe return. *huge hugs*
clown_frog ══╣╠══
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Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.