Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Aurilion and Ashley aren't responding

aurilion hasn't responded to my email (says she's too busy with exams to process) and alariya hasn't responded to the last few texts I have sent her. I feel like I am hanging in midair, directionless... This is very upsetting. Especially Ashley ignoring my texts, because she doesn't have anything that I know of that would keep her from responding. I wish I just knew how they felt and what they want. Maybe it's situational, for aurilion at least, but whatever it is, it's not fair to me to be ignored. If you want my friendship, at least say that. if you don't, at least say THAT! They're spending so much time with each other -- obviously they HAVE the time to tell me what they want, they just choose not to. Everything else is more important.

made a similar post last night but felt that I'd be attacked, so deleted it. At this point, if they want to attack me, I say let them. It's better than waiting endlessly for a response. (comments are screened)
Tags: ashe, aurilion, lj friends, pain

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