Belenen (belenen) wrote,

dream (ashley grabs, mike comforts / girl in quicksand / ben's family try to be nomads)

I don't remember the order these were in...

I was in a strange steel & glass building, and I was naked (which is normal for me so might not have the usual connotation). I was upset about something, staring outside into the dark (it was night). Ashley saw me, came up behind me and grabbed me, one hand on my side and the other on my breast, and started rubbing and squeezing me. I was freaked out and yelped, "what are you doing? Stop that!" but she said, "No, you need comfort so I am going to do this" and I said, "That doesn't help, stop!" but she would not listen -- she seemed angry and held on to me despite my frantic tries to get away. She said something like, "Since this is the way you want it, this is the way you're going to get it." Finally we were locked at a standstill where she couldn't rub me but I couldn't get away, and Mike (Ashley's boyfriend (I think)) came up to us. He reached out and ran his hand over my hair, and we were both shocked, Ashley let go and stepped back, and I just looked at him, completely astonished by his compassion and tenderness. Then he ran his hand over my hair again and I grabbed the front of his shirt with my hands and buried my face in his chest and cried so hard I woke myself up.

another scene... I was in the woods with some girl, slim but not resembling anyone I know, and we were in danger, we were escaping something. She fell into a hole and landed on a ledge not too far below the forest floor, but next to her the hole got hundreds of miles deep. So I tried to carefully get myself to where I could reach her without falling in or having us both fall. When I finally grabbed her hand I realized she had been in quicksand and it had sucked half of her down, and she hadn't said anything, maybe because she thought it would unnerve me and make me fall. But I was able to pull her out, and pull us both back up to the forest floor.

In the last one I was with Ben's family & we were all outside around a campfire at night, far away from civilization. Dana was there also, but other than that it was just the family... as I watched them interact and set up, I thought to myself that they would never be good nomads because they wouldn't be able to fit more than 2 to 3 hours of travel in per day, with the way that they linger. (there were wagons and horses, I think this was supposedly back in time) I don't really know what that meant. I ended up having conversation with Rebecca and Dana, and Dana showed Rebecca some of her tools (she was a fortuneteller of some sort). I expected Rebecca to react with shock and horror but she reacted with interest, poring through them and playing with them. One was a tube of some kind of magical tea or something, and I poured it into hot water and drank it, tiny bits at a time. The rest of the dream is fuzzy, but I remember preparing tea for a lot of people, using normal-sized mugs to teeny mugs, and being so disappointed that no one bothered with the teeny mugs, they wanted the large ones instead.

(I'll probably keep screening comments on all posts that mention ashley or lily until the matter is resolved.)
Tags: ashe, dreams, ex-in-laws, rebecca, those passing through, trees

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