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self-portraits inspired by Helly's beautiful necklace

spindell is gave me the amazing gift of this necklace a while ago, but I didn't post about receiving it because I wanted to wait until I had photos. (even though I was SO thrilled and wore it every day for like a week) So when I began taking this series I had just wanted to show what it looked like on me, but as I continued to shoot, the photos grew more and more personal. They show, increasingly, the emotions I have been through lately. I am stunned by how honest they are and I am incredibly grateful to spindell, for the beautiful gift she gave me that inspired this journey in myself.

This is the most excited I have ever gotten over my own creations (oh no, devArt has me addicted to emoticons! )

you can click on any of them to go to devArt for a description.


earthen vessel

my heart will hang you from your toes
title from "Let Me Speak" by Daughter Darling

let me introduce you to the end
title from "Shackled" by Vertical Horizon

releasing negativity

into a brand new day
title from "You Won't See Me" by Daughter Darling


unfurling new leaves

My strength is that of a tree; I bend and parts of me sometimes break -- but after the storm has passed, I determinedly unfurl new leaves and keep right on growing.

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dithering ══╣╠══
These are great. I especially like "let me introduce you to the end" and "releasing negativity". And, that necklace is beautiful.
belenen ══╣inspired╠══
thank you so much! ;-D and thanks on behalf of helly!
(Anonymous) ══╣╠══
belenen ══╣aquarius╠══
thanks! it seems to be the favorite. ;-)
armandii ══╣╠══
You are so very beautiful. And you and I have the same belly shape. I've not yet photographed my belly in its natural state - that is my next project.
belenen ══╣artless╠══
ohhhhhh I so can't wait, I always love seeing your creative endeavors, and curve-celebration is wonderful. ;-)
_paroxysm_ ══╣╠══
How did you include those emoticons btw? o.O
belenen ══╣queen of code╠══
< img src="" >! ;-)
_paroxysm_ ══╣╠══
Love the photos (=
belenen ══╣curvygirl -- belly love╠══
shadowlily ══╣╠══
you're so expressive, it's breathtaking. as well as beautiful...
belenen ══╣inspired╠══
ohhh thank you ♥ and thank you ;-)
in_withbothfeet ══╣╠══
The way these photographs convey exactly what you wrote at the bottom is absolutely precious. You are very much like a tree, indeed. I like walking near forests or tall, gorgeous trees and taking in all that quiet strength and beauty and knowing that there are others out to have opened up and connected with them as well. So it's so refreshing and inspiring to know that you feel it coming from within you.

Beautiful necklace...

I especially love the pose in the last picture, in general it is one of my favorite poses. I'm not sure why. When I make it in the mirror, I feel so fully... there. Expressive, unapologetic, strong but not hiding any of the pain or paths that have lead me up to that point, somehow it's like a display of it all by showing I have embraced it and will not be kept down from it, but still recognize I am but human and also therefore beautiful. I'd say more but perhaps I will wait for the day I can actually post pictures of myself.
Thank you for sharing.
belenen ══╣mysterious╠══
oh that means so much to me, that you believe I have tree-strength. ♥ So very much, I can't even express it.

thank you so much for your beautiful comments. *hug* I look forward to you posting unaltered shots. ♥
minervica ══╣╠══
You are really gorgeous and as always you give me so much inspiration :)
belenen ══╣pouting╠══
oh no! where did you go? :-( I hope you come back...
woah_the_kettle ══╣╠══
god damn you are TOO beautiful
belenen ══╣amused╠══
XD thank you!
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
beautiful necklace-- and STUNNING photos!! i love this shoot-- it's so... REAL. i love the way you're looking in that fourth photo-- so intense!!

you're amazing, powerful tree-lady!!
belenen ══╣mysterious╠══
thank you and THANK you!!!! XD I love this comment! it seems so REAL to me too, that's exactly how I'd put it.

and thank you so much for calling me powerful tree-lady, that means so incredibly much to me. ♥ ♥ ♥
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
aw, i loves you!! i wanted to call you the other day, but it was still too early for free minutes and by the time it got later i spaced on it. call me sometime soon-- do you get free weekends??
belenen ══╣adoring╠══
I get free weekends and free nights after 9 my time (7pm your time) so call whenever you get the urge! ♥ ♥ ♥
kmiotutsie ══╣╠══
shweet! I get free unlimited all the time, so it goes both way, missy!! ♥
shioneh ══╣hopeful╠══
Ahhh Bel! You posted them! I'm so happy. And inspired. I've not felt up to self-photrography for weeks now which is very bizarre for me but I've been craving it and this has got be excited for more photos.

I don't have time to comment on them all right now, even though I want to, but just a few thoughts: I love the simplicity of the first, I love the way it is cropped and the vibrant colour of the middle stone. Your belly is so triumphantly womanly in that second picture and the name is perfect for it. 'Let me introduce you to the end' is still probably my very favourite, I love it so so so much, you glow feral and fiesty Bel power. I love the way your hair looks on the picture, so fiery and there is so much life energy in your face. Beautiful! In 'realeasing negativity' the stones almost look like droplets of negativity running off you! I love the name! I love the expression :) Those last two are so powerful. In the second to last, you look so connected, touched, live.. The last is amazing. The position is so wonderfully natural, strong and assured looking.. and your belly! I love how it is slightly 3/4 angled and you can see that muscle line through your belly button, it is joyously round and curved! I love the twist in your back and how it mirrors the line of the underside of your belly. It is a really beautiful display of womanly beauty. I love how you are almost framing yourself with your hands and the name and concept behind it is so right for the photo. I love this series so much, I'm so glad you posted them!

belenen ══╣powerful╠══
yay I inspired you! ;-D

I love that you love "Let Me Introduce You To The End," it is sooooo me. and I just love all your comments here! I agree with them so much and it makes me so happy that you see them that way. ♥

thank you for encouraging me love!
spindell ══╣╠══
I am so moved I don't quite know what to say. I am honoured to think that this might have been in some small way inspired by me, but no, this is all you, girl.

What an amazing collection of images. Even after all that, to be so strong and powerful and beautiful truly shows your strength of character. I'm sad it had to end the way it did, but we must move on, I suppose.

And from a technical standpoint - excellent composition, beautiful lighting, and I love everything about your angles and poses.

Apparently I did know what to say.... hee hee
belenen ══╣adoring╠══
oh thank you so much helly-love. I am blessed that you're moved by this. and I'm so excited at how your gift inspired me and started a whole new realm of self-expression for me! thank you! ♥
_keena ══╣╠══
lookin at these pix, i loved how u have stretch marks on your belly. the FIRST thing that came to mind was a song by erykah badu called "Cleva". look it up and read the lyrics, i love it! that song is US!
belenen ══╣curvygirl -- me (cynosure)╠══
oh I love her music! and those lyrics are awesome!
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.