Belenen (belenen) wrote,

self-portraits inspired by Helly's beautiful necklace

spindell is gave me the amazing gift of this necklace a while ago, but I didn't post about receiving it because I wanted to wait until I had photos. (even though I was SO thrilled and wore it every day for like a week) So when I began taking this series I had just wanted to show what it looked like on me, but as I continued to shoot, the photos grew more and more personal. They show, increasingly, the emotions I have been through lately. I am stunned by how honest they are and I am incredibly grateful to spindell, for the beautiful gift she gave me that inspired this journey in myself.

This is the most excited I have ever gotten over my own creations (oh no, devArt has me addicted to emoticons! )

you can click on any of them to go to devArt for a description.


earthen vessel

my heart will hang you from your toes
title from "Let Me Speak" by Daughter Darling

let me introduce you to the end
title from "Shackled" by Vertical Horizon

releasing negativity

into a brand new day
title from "You Won't See Me" by Daughter Darling


unfurling new leaves

My strength is that of a tree; I bend and parts of me sometimes break -- but after the storm has passed, I determinedly unfurl new leaves and keep right on growing.
Tags: art -- photography, clothesfree, those passing through

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