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giddy Ben building our computer / Kristen B.

(this is from Tuesday; my other recent entries I backdated so as not to flood your friends pages. Aren't I nice.)

The computer pieces arrived, and Ben's been occupied with putting them together. He is excited like a little kid who woke up on his birthday to a puppy licking his face, had very sugary cereal for breakfast, and ate a candy bar on the way to the amusement park where all of his friends are gathered for his party. That's Ben, so giddy it makes me giggle. Can you imagine Ben acting like Allison at midnight when she just had ice cream? Try. See why I laugh?

I went out with my evil twin today (the blond Kristen), which was interesting. It's the first time I've had girl-time since……… November, I think. I expected it to feel awkward, since I'm not used to girl-time and Kristen and I haven't been in touch for a long time, but it was carefree and fun. Kristen and I have always had that, though – the ability to not talk for months or years, then get back together and be totally comfortable and intimate. I'm convinced it's because we are both Ds. {from the DISC personality series, meaning we are both dominant, direct, blunt people} With any of the other traits as primary, one of us would feel hurt by the lack of contact. But because we're Ds, we look at it this way: we wanted to get back in touch, and now we are, so everything's good. Or as Michael would say, "it's all casual."

I really respect Kristen, because since she's a D it is hard for her to yield, yet she had made the decision to give her parents authority over her. (keep in mind that she's 17) I don't think I'd have been mature enough to do that. (then again, my family is more dysfunctional)


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