Belenen (belenen) wrote,

yay for 1020 members in curvygirls!!! / loving your self and others' selves.

We broke a thousand! My comm curvygirls now has 1020 members! *crazy weird dancing*

Seriously, when I think about the impact this community is having, I'm blown away. Creating it, I thought it would end up being just a group of people like myself who like curvy women. Instead it has become a movement; girls come in with no self esteem and learn their own beauty through seeing beauty in others, slender-curvy to zaftig-curvy. People post so often about how their lives have been changed that it's become commonplace to me, and I don't realize just how astonishing that is until I step back and think about it. All I can credit to myself is having the passion to form the community and the graks to keep it focused -- the reason the community is such a huge force for positivity is because people are coming in with the desire to grow and learn love. All they want is relief from self-hate, and what they find is acceptance, care, admiration, friendship. Reading the comments in the community is so encouraging, because they are so consistently wonderful. It's wonderful because the women are wonderful. And it makes me want to cry with joy because all it takes is giving someone the chance to be supportive and caring, and they will take that chance! At core we all want to love each other, we're just too scared of rejection to do it, and if we find an environment where it's the culture to care and show admiration, we will.

It takes spending time with someone who's of 'normal' cosmo-culture to realize that curvygirls is a revolution, a quiet but continuously-building force of change. And we all go out and influence others, in tiny or major ways. And yeah, the comm is about body-love, but it goes so much deeper than that. It's about learning to love ourselves for being OURSELVES, rather than rating ourselves and everyone else according to how we match some tyrannical unhealthy standard set by greedy fucks who want to beat us down and charge us for it. The body is just a symbol of the self, it is our SELVES and each other's selves that we are learning to love.

Viva La Curvylution!!!
Tags: body image, curvygirls, growth, learning, new mindsets

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