Belenen (belenen) wrote,

goals for 2007

I don't do 'resolutions.' That's just a fancy word for 'rules' and I'm not into imposing rules on myself. I think the reason so many 'resolutions' fail is that it is human nature to hate being boxed in with rules, self-imposed or not.

but goals? hell yeah I have goals. Things I want to do this year:
  • become more of my true self
  • learn more love and compassion
  • grow closer to God/dess ♥
  • learn to listen to my spirit and FOLLOW MY INSTINCTS!!!
  • further develop my soulfriendships with Nimajneb and Hannah
  • be more active in changing the world: leave 'you are beautiful' notes, smile more at people, strike up conversation with more strangers, flaunt my body hair, wear curvy-pride shirts and figure-hugging outfits.
  • create more; making jewelry, painting, drawing, modeling, photographing (! and add a deliberate 'flaw' to remind me that 'flaws' are beautiful!)
  • post WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT, without worrying that I am going to flood my friends page and my favorite post of the bunch will be ignored. I know that isn't true, and if it is, it's not a good enough reason.
  • spend more time and effort communicating with my lovely friends; commenting back, commenting on their posts, IMing, and calling. Not any ritual amount, but following instincts instead of being so O-C about doing it 'in order.'
  • go to Glasgow and meet clown_frog and maybe kashlamar! and of course spend a lot of delighted time with my beautiful soulfriend shioneh!!!
  • have shioneh and die_fiend come down, hopefully during RenFest season!!! and hopefully have my firekat (kmiotutsie) come down too! *dreams* This must happen. *is firm with the universe, shakes finger for emphasis*
  • spend more time with sabr and malignlibra
  • meet more of my lj friends! there are a ton I want to meet, we'll see who I actually manage to make plans with. ;-) at the very least, I must meet kmiotutsie and sunshinepill.
  • find at least a handful of new amazing people to mutually adore. (and hopefully some who are Aquarius!)
  • set firm plans for International Women's Day next year (post to come about that!)
  • dance more, maybe start taking bellydancing classes again.
  • get at least one tattoo!
  • find more of my meaningful rings.
  • dye my hair purple, like I have ALWAYS WANTED.
  • help my little sister get the courage to do what she needs to do.
  • tell my parents I'm 'bisexual' and be officially disowned (after I figure out whether or not they will keep me from talking to little sis, she is more important than me getting the satisfaction of never having to talk to my dad again)
  • go skinnydipping at least once!
  • go to at least one concert!
  • have at least three photoshoots.
  • do at least three self-portrait shoots (hopefully a lot more, but I gotta get some better lighting)
  • Self-educate: read 88 books this year; keep a running list of them, and post an update every eight books, with a SHORT summary.
    Zokutou word meter
    0 / 88
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