Belenen (belenen) wrote,

day with sabr!

prepare yourself for possible flooding as I attempt to be less control-freakish about spacing out my posts, and I'm feelin' verbose, oh yeah.

I spent Thursday with sabr; such a fantastic day! We went to my favorite little trinket-store, where I didn't find anything for Hannah's birthday (*pout*) but I DID find two awesome little flip-top pewter urns to add to my collection of weird little treasures. I felt a little funny some of the time, because I tend to be singleminded when shopping and I was worried that I was making sabr feel ignored, but we talked here and there about random things, and overall I was surprisingly comfortable. See, I've met her once before, but that was with other people around, so this was the first time I'd spent one-on-one time with her and I was very nervous beforehand.

Then we went to the mall and wandered around a while, looking for a store that sold all kinds of figurines, especially fantasy creatures -- but the owners had retired and closed the store, very disappointing. We walked around arm in arm for a while -- I'm a hand-holding person and she's not, so she suggested arm-in-arm. I had expected it to be stiff and uncomfortable because the only person I've ever walked arm-in-arm with is almost a foot taller than me (heh), heh, but it was actually very comfortable and cozy. ♥ (I'm such a cuddle person; touch means a lot to me. I'm longing to go to a cuddle party (fuckin' lucky Londoners and Alabamans!) I tell you what, if I can come visit Hannah and Kate by the 11th, we are SO going to that party on the 11th. *dreams*)

anyway, we next went to the famous green couch, and I was shocked and appalled that she didn't know what I meant when I referred to it! :-O But then she remembered. ;-) We had an incredible, almost-4-hour-long conversation (that couch is magic, I tell ya) about all kinds of things, mainly old relationships and our metamorphoses from the selves we used to be to the selves we are now. I feel so much more comfortable with her now: after the breakup with Ashley I had felt very strange and alienated from sabr, since she's also friends with Ashley, but after quite a few IM conversations and emails, I had begun feeling more confident in our relationship. That conversation at the coffeehouse just made everything slip into place. I'll admit it still weirds me out when I think about it, but I think it is quite possible for me to build my relationship with sabr in spite of it, and that's a lovely thing.
Tags: friendship, lj friends, sabr, the green couch, touch

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