Belenen (belenen) wrote,

Before I became friends with Hannah and Alariya, I used to daydream about meeting some girl with whom I'd just click, and we'd be best friends from that moment on, both totally understanding and adoring each other. It was how I kept myself interested in people, because without those daydreams I'd have to face the sad fact that practically everyone I met would be so totally opposite of me in her/his philosophy on life that we wouldn't even be able to communicate in any real way. Thank God/dess for LJ. Seriously. It's the only way I've known to meet people who live consciously or honestly. I know I say it a lot, but my friends list reads like a who's who of awesomeness. You guys are amazing, and I feel lucky beyond words to have found you.

Which is why I am SO weirded out by the fact that tomorrow I am meeting someone who might possibly be just as awesome -- and she lives nearby! Ashley met her in a Wal-mart by complimenting her on her hair, they started talking and OMG she sounds fascinating, so tomorrow Ashley and I are going to her house!!! I'm thrilled -- and terrified. What if she's not openminded? though from what Ashley says that seems impossible. What if she isn't passionate or creative? though hello, Aquarius! *eeeeeeee* *shiver* *nerves explode*

List of fascinating qualities known so far: Aquarius, very spiritual -- goes to a methodist church & does palm readings, native american, bisexual & married, bellydances?, agrees with belief that we chose our lives before we were born, is (obviously) very open to new people and sharing her life...

If we become friends of course I will convert her to LJ. if possible, that is, she has 3 kids. :-\
Tags: ashe, those passing through

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